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Hey, my name is Lauren! Welcome to my blog! Feel free to have a look around, ask me questions, submit stuff, and relish in the derpy-ness that happens to be me. Thanks for the visit!
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Happy 40th birthday Misha Collins

misha: *gets naked and turns his sex hair up to 11*
misha: *talks about his dick*
misha: this is for charity


Mark Sheppard, ladies and gentlemen..!

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It’s that time again! That’s right, giveaway time!!!

So ever since my last giveaway I gained a influx of new followers and right now I’m at 900 (I’m so happy eeee) and because of that I wanted to do another giveaway because I a.) have too much anime stuff I sadly never use and b.) I like see you guys so happy

you must be following me; it is a follower giveaway
Reblogs and likes both count as an entry point. Do both for double entries.
Follow this cutie for a third entry as well
There will be 5 winners this time!
No giveaway blogs please
You must have ask boxes open and must be comfortable telling me your name and address

Giveaway ends: Sunday, Oct 12th


  • totoro body suit (idk the actually name it’s called)
  • studio ghibli collection dvd box
  • Animal Crossing New Leaf game
  • Kuroko bo Basket - Kuroko cosplay uniform 
  • Free! Iwatobi cosplay jacket
  • Silver wig (not used- was originally for Nitori) 
  • Plain black wig
  • Blue wig (not used- was originally for Rei)
  • White/Light Silver Spiky Wig 
  • two pairs of japanese platform shoes
  • Free! iPhone case
  • Japanese winged backpack
  • SNK jacket
  • SNK earrings
  1. First will get 4 items
  2. Second will get 3 
  3. Third will get 3 
  4. Fourth will get 3
  5. Fifth will get the last 2

Any comments or questions can be sent to my ask box and I’ll try and get back to you guys asap.
Alright, I think I said everything. Awesome, happy winnings again guys!

I don’t know why but I really love this




martin has to go up a few steps to be eye level with ben XD

And, oh, how he loves to make Ben laugh!

this gif makes me smile like an idiot

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